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I would like to offer you some objective information about me. In the awards section below I am providing you with the awards and credentials that I have achieved. In addition, I have included some references from past clients. Nothing speaks more loudly than a past client! Call me today. I would love to add you to my list of satisfied and happy customers!


  1. RE/MAX Hall of Fame 2003 This is the highest achievment award offered by RE/MAX International
  2. #1 RE/MAX Individual Agent at RE/MAX Performance year 2002
  3. #1 RE/MAX Sales Agent in all of Manitoba for the year of 2001
  4. 2015 RE/MAX Platinum Club
  5. 2014 RE/MAX Platinum Club
  6. 2013 RE/MAX Platinum Club
  7. 2012 RE/MAX Platinum Club
  8. 2011 RE/MAX Platinum Club
  9. 2010 RE/MAX Platinum Club
  10. 2009 RE/MAX Platinum Club
  11. 2008 RE/MAX Platinum Club
  12. 2007 RE/MAX Platinum Club
  13. 2006 RE/MAX Platinum Club
  14. 2005 RE/MAX Platinum Club
  15. 2004 RE/MAX Platinum Club
  16. 2003 RE/MAX Hall of Fame
  17. 2002 RE/MAX Platinum Club
  18. 2001 RE/MAX Platinum Club
  19. 2000 RE/MAX Presidents Club
  20. 2000 RE/MAX 100% Club
  21. 1999 RE/MAX 100% Club
  23. 2015 Silver Medallion WREB
  24. 2014 Silver Medallion WREB
  25. 2013 Silver Medallion WREB
  26. 2012 Bronze Medallion WREB
  27. 2011 Silver Medallion WREB
  28. 2010 Silver Medallion WREB
  29. 2009 Silver Medallion WREB
  30. 2008 Silver Medallion WREB
  31. 2007 Gold Medallion WREB
  32. 2006 Silver Medallion WREB
  33. 2005 Silver Medallion WREB
  34. 2004 Silver Medallion WREB
  35. 2003 Gold Medallion WREB
  36. 2002 Gold Medallion WREB
  37. 2001 Gold Medallion WREB
  38. 2000 Silver Medallion WREB
  39. 1999 Silver Medallion WREB
  40. 1998 Bronze Medallion WREB
  41. 1997 Bronze Madallion WREB
  42. 1996 Bronze Medallion WREB
  43. 1994 Bronze Medallion WREB
  44. 1992 Bronze Medallion WREB
  45. 1991 Bronze Medallion WREB
  46. 1990 Bronze Medallion WREB
  47. 1989 Bronze Medallion WREB
  48. 1988 Bronze Medallion WREB
  49. 1987 Bronze Medallion WREB
  50. 1986 Bronze Medallion WREB
  52. 1986 Rookie of the year


I wanted to let you know that we forwarded your name to two other couples that are looking to sell/purchase a home. We were very happy with the service that your provided. You took the time to answer our questions and provided us with all the information that we needed. The direct, honest opinions that you gave were very appreciated. We will recommend you to anyone we know!

-Dornel and Bonita Collison

I am writing this letter of reference at the request of Robb Whitla, who served as our realtor on two occasions, once in 1994 and again in 2004. We initially chose Robb as our Realtor through mutual friends, but quickly realized that his high commitment to customer service, his flexibility, and his ability to communicate effectively would be real assets to us in finding a house, and selling our existing home. Robb is dependable, and has always returned our phone calls and e-mails promptly. When he was away from the office, Robb arranged for an associate of his to look after our needs, should they arise. Any questions we had regarding our search process were always answered effectively and easily to our satisfaction. Robb has a high level of energy and a quick wit that we often appreciated, making it an absolute pleasure to interact with him on a regular basis. When we found the house we were looking for, we felt confident in Robb's advise in placing our offer, and likewise, we felt confident about Robb's counsel regarding setting our asking price for the sale of our current residence. On both ends we felt we came out winners. We got our new house for the best possible price, and also sold our existing home for more than it was listed. The stress involved in buying and selling a house is high, and Robb showed great sensitivity to our worries. His confidence in himself, and his experience as an outstanding realtor helped us to remain confident throughout the process. Robb's intergrity is unquestionable. We recommend him as a realtor to prospective clients without hesitation.
-Harold and Diane Funk

We recently sold a house with the professional assistance of Robb and were very pleased with the experience. Robb provided us with a market assessment of the property and reviewed the property with us, advising us of several minor improvements to be made to the house. In order to get maximum value from the sale, we followed Robb's advise. The property was listed at $154,900, and sold at $172,000 (11% above list with multiple offers). We have used Robb's services in the past, both on purchasing and selling. He has continued to demonstrate that he is acting in the best interest of his clients. If you are buying or selling a home, we would highly recommend Robb to assist you in the process. Sincerely Craig Falconer and Jo-Ann Day

-Craig Falconer & Jo-Ann Day

We wanted to say thanks for your help with the sale and purchase of our homes. You really made it easy to navigate the real estate world. We enjoyed working with you and Remax. Thanks again Ron & Tina

-Ron & Tina Demmers

Trevor and I do want you to know that we have been very happy with the service you have provided to us. We know that we would never have found the house on Gablehurst without you, and we did really love that house, we just outgrew it in a very short time. We also know that we would never hae gotten the sale price that we did for that house without you. We have always felt that your concern in helping us get what we were looking for was genuine and you had our best interests in mind. We would never hesitate to refer anyone to you. We thank you for your help. Marcie & Trevor

-Marcie & Trevor Hinds

Thank you very much for all your hard work and help while we were separating and selling our house. It was a difficult time for both of us but you sure made it easier. We really feel strongly that you did your utmost for us in selling our house and we really trusted your expertise and your judgemwnt. Your service was equally impressive to us as we both searched for new houses. We especially like the fact that you are honest and that you return phone calls immediately (it's surprising to me how so many professionals don't). There was never a doubt in our minds that you were working on our "stuff" every day. We always pass on your name and phone number to anyone thinking of buying/selling a house. All the best and thanks again.

-CJoelle and Adrian

As we are in final preparations for our move I would like to again thank you for your excellent work in getting us top dollar for out home. It was a pleasure dealing with you on both the sale of our present home and on the purchase of our new home. We greatly benefited from your hard work and extensive knowledge of the market. I would highly recommend anyone purchasing or selling a home to call upon your services. Thanks again Robb.

-Glen and Winna Smith

ust wanted to say thank you for the superb service you provided us with over the past week. As James probably mentioned we have dealt with agents before and you were by far the most professional. I really wish we could have done business but I guess it wasn't meant to be this time. If something should change on that property please call us (fast!!!) or if you every see anything we might like please keep us in mind. Thank you again and whenever anyone mentions real estate we will be sure to drop your name....Wishing you all the best

-James, Jill and crew

Just a few lines to let you know that I'm unpacked. Every thing went well moving. This is such a neat place to live in. We have group walks Thurs. & Tues. at 11 a.m. Coffee on Thurs. 8:30 - 10, Crib and bridge Wed. at 1 p.m. and we have two barbeques come up. I love it here. I want to thank you for being my Realtor. At no time I felt pressured by you. Come and see my place.

-Flo Ziegler

Just wanted to say thanks again for putting up with us (ok, for putting up with me). We really appreciated everything you have done for us and getting into all those homes on such short notice.


I wanted to write and say how much I have appreciated your service, both in the sale of my old house and the purchase of my new home. I feel you were on top of everything and your advice made such a difference. Thank you so much for your help. I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know of that needs to sell or purchase a home. Regards


Robb Whitla was our realtor for the sale of two homes as well as the purchase of a newly built home. Regarding the new home we had built, we credit Robb with helping us make the show home plans even better than the original. Because of his expertise regarding which kinds of changes are possible, we had the builder make some alterations which make us infintely happier with the plan than we would have been otherwise. We would not have even thought of making these changes if it had not had been for his experience in this matter. Robb did an excellent job with the sale of both homes. One house was more difficult to sell, as the yard was extremely small and an odd shape, but Robb managed to negotiate a deal we were very happy with. Negotiatiing skills are one of Robb's best qualities, in our opinion, and are an essential aspect to a top-notch realtor. He is an excellent communicator and very professional in all regards. He has a wide network of contacts in the filed which is a real bonus to anyone who hires him. Nothing replaces the benefit of having an experienced realtor with many years in the field. The other home Robb sold for us was an estate sale, and with that comes many more stressors than the sale of your own home. Robb was extremely sensitive, tactful, patient, and helpful with these added challenges. We really appreciated that. Robb's advise on the list price turned out to be the proper advice and we're glad we trusted him on that. He sold the house fo well above list price, which was his prediction, and we were most pleased with the outcome. Robb's easy-going personality, sense of humor, efficiency, and prompt attention to phone calls made him very good to work with. We recommend him whole-heartedly

-Darlene & Dan

As we are in final preparations for our move I would like to again thank you for your excellent work in getting us top dollar for out home. It was a pleasure dealing with you on both the sale of our present home and on the purchase of our new home. We greatly benefited from your hard work and extensive knowledge of the market. I would highly recommend anyone purchasing or selling a home to call upon your services. Thanks again Robb.

-Glen and Winna Smith

We wanted to let you know that we were very impressed at your level of service and commitment. You guided us through the process giving us all the information we needed to make an informed decision. You made excellent suggestions and the fact that our house sold fast and for an excellent amount well above asking price shows you're an excellent agent. We will gladly recommend your service to friends and family!

-Karyn and Bill

My wife Barbara and I were very fortunate to have worked with Mr. Robb Whitla of Remax Realty. Mr. Whitla, and his partner Mrs. Tracy Geisler, provided services to us that went well beyond our expectations. Initially, our intent was to sell our home during the summer of 2008. The houseing market was very robust. Due to the late construction of our new home, we had to postpone the sale of our existing home until October 2008, just as the financial "crisis" was in full swing. Mr. Whitla met with us on a number of occasions during this early stage and carefully planned the optimum strategy for our needs. Of course, this required considerable discussions foremost about setting a selling price, but also consideration of home staging, scheduling of an open house, and documentation requirements. Robb lead us through all of these details with honesty and consideration for our circumstances. Once our home was on the makret, Robb and Tracy put an incredible amount of energy into dealing with potential customers. They followed up every lead, discussed options with buyers, and kept us up-to-date with everything happening. When we received offers, Robb took time to review the material with us, reflect on whether the offer was appropriate and work with us to develope counter offers. Within ten days, we had an acceptable offer submitted and the deal was closed. It is fair to say that selling a home is a stressful experience under the best of circumstances, but for us, this anxiety was enhanced by the uncertainty of the houseing market during these strenuous financial times. Robb provided the key factor for Barbara and I to remain focused. His absolute steadfastness and onfidence that our home would sell and at a price that would be acceptable to all parties made all the difference. We would highly recommend Robb Whitla, as a realtor to any of our friends or colleagues.

- Mark & Barbara

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your help both selling my place and helping me find a condo. I can't believe how relieved I was this morning to have this all settled so that I can move forward. It's s awesome to have a realtor I can trust and who looks out for my interests. No words can express how much I appreciate that. You can be assured that I'll be referring you to anyone I know who is looking to buy or sell property.

- Jennifer

Don and I would like to thank you again for all your help, first for selling our house and second for finding us another house to move into. We couldn't have done it on our own. So thanks again.

-Helen & Don

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